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Telos is Greek for what we are meant to become - the tree is the Telos of the seed.

It's also the name of my next dream. I'm convinced that we're only going to save the world if we can build vision and a movement that is genuinely transpartisan and transformative. That blends service-oriented personal change with mindful social change and understands why they are part of the same whole. And that both loves science and reason and is unapologetically spiritual in tapping into the powers of inspiration and connection that are a human birthright and superpower.

Telos is dedicated to helping us each root ourselves in our authentic Telos or purpose, while building a stronger, kinder, wiser culture in which others can do the same. I'm just building the website and technology for Telos right now, as well as the content. It's a social enterprise, so impact investors are welcome to help get it off the ground. Telos has a tech team, but pro-bono developer help is also welcome!


For about 20 years I've been wanting to write a book about the journey of humanity and all life, and how we meet the existential challenges of our times.

I have a first draft that has been popular in public consultation (About 90 people read it and liked it a lot :).  The first chapter is available on the blog on this website.

This is the most neglected of my foci, and part of why I want to have this personal website, to keep a practice of writing despite other pressing obligations. 


Right now I'm enjoying working part time with a few efforts that I'm deeply passionate about. I don't think of myself as a 'consultant' - more just a part-timer. The people I work with include some of the world's leading foundations, civil society groups, political leaders and corporations.

My current foci are protecting and renewing democracy, positive culture change, and tech and humanity. I currently co-chair a new global hub for democracy defenders called D-Hub, and chair an advocacy network called Friends of Democracy. 


I find I'm most passionate about strategy development, cracking both the unlocking ideas and the complexities of execution needed to solve big problems, but I also enjoy coaching and organizational development. My dance card is quite full at but I'm always happy to connect with fellow travellers. 

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